Selected Publications

  • Annulus: A Dual Congestion Control Loop for Datacenter and WAN Traffic Aggregates
    Ahmed Saeed, Varun Gupta, Prateesh Goyal, Milad Sharif, Rong Pan, Mostafa Ammar, Ellen Zegura, Keon Jang, Mohammad Alizadeh, Abdul Kabbani, and Amin Vahdat
    ACM SIGCOMM 2020 [PDF]

  • Eiffel: Efficient and Flexible Software Packet Scheduling
    Ahmed Saeed, Yimeng Zhao, Nandita Dukkipati, Ellen Zegura, Mostafa Ammar, Khaled Harras, and Amin Vahdat
    USENIX NSDI 2019 [PDF] [Extended Version] [Slides] [Video] [Code]

  • If you can't beat them, augment them: Improving Local WiFi with Only Above-driver Changes
    Ahmed Saeed, Mostafa Ammar, Ellen Zegura, and Khaled Harras
    IEEE ICNP 2018 [PDF] [Slides] [Code]

  • Carousel: Scalable Traffic Shaping at End Hosts
    Ahmed Saeed, Nandita Dukkipati, Vytautas Valancius, Vinh The Lam, Carlo Contavalli, and Amin Vahdat
    ACM SIGCOMM 2017 [PDF] [Slides] [Video]

  • Local and Low-cost White Space Detection
    Ahmed Saeed, Khaled A. Harras, Ellen Zegura, and Mostafa Ammar
    IEEE ICDCS 2017 [PDF] [Slides] [Project Visualization]

  • Argus: Realistic Target Coverage by Drones
    Ahmed Saeed, Ahmed Abdelkader, Mouhyemen Khan, Azin Neishaboori, Khaled A. Harras, and Amr Mohamed
    IEEE/ACM IPSN 2017 [PDF] [Slides]

Full list of publications.


Accepted Paper May 2020

Our paper on interaction between datacenter and WAN taffic accepted at SIGCOMM '20.

Travel Feb. 2020

I attended NSDI 2020.

Accepted Paper Sept. 2019

Our paper on designing a zero-drop networking stack accepted at CoNEXT '19.

Travel August 2019

I attended the Networking Technology and Systems Early Career Workshop 2019 at NSF.

Accepted Paper July 2019

Our paper on scheduling inter-autonomous system links to better handle congestion and improve ISP performance accepted in ICNP 2019.

Accepted Paper April 2019

Our on rapid and low-cost LTE deployment for developing countries and communicty cellular networks accepted in TMA 2019.

Travel Feb. 2019

I attended NSDI 2019.